Rukka Roughroad Adventure Riding Suit Review by Expert


The Rukka Roughroad Adventure Riding Suit is an adventure jacket designed for on- and off-road usage. It combines the weather adaptability of Gore-Tex and Outlasts with the durability of Cordura. 

Long 2-way zips at the chest, shoulders, and sides of the 500D Cordura outer shell provide excellent ventilation even at slow trail speeds, and this is especially true when the Gore-Tex drop liner is not present. The Outlast temperature regulation material keeps you pleasant at various temperatures when the detachable waterproof layer is inserted. Let’s start today’s post. 

Rukka Roughroad Adventure Riding Suit Details 

This suit has a removable Gore-Tex stretch storm collar that fully encloses your neck and a snap-in Gore-Tex inner lining with Outlast technology. This material regulates body temperature by absorbing and releasing heat through thermocules.

Other high-end features include…

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