Klim Artemis Women Jacket and Pants Review


Adventure motorbike gear needs to be very versatile. You might require additional storage, the weather might change, and your excursions might involve both on- and off-road sections. Mother Nature is unbeatable, but you can arm yourself with quality ADV equipment. 

The Klim Artemis jacket and pants are the company’s signature women’s adventure gear, and both are carefully made and deal with the range of circumstances one would encounter on a two-wheeled journey.

It is high-end equipment that is comfortable right off the shelf and packed with functions. The suit’s functional design is aesthetically beautiful and prepared for all-day riding. Keep reading this blog. 


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Klim Artemis Jacket and Pants Details 

Comfort levels

Excellent comfort levels are reached in the outfit. Especially in hot weather with every vent wide open….

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