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history of LS2 helmets | ryderplanethistory of LS2 helmets | ryderplanet


LS2 saw its beginnings in the 1990s when Arthur Liao produced a home-based company making helmets. As time passes, the small company began to gain popularity. and need increasing rapidly. In 1992, Arthur started a brand new plant to boost production and hired over 100 employees. At that moment, the first brand name was known as FENGXING.


With a brand new development group, the achievement of LS2 helmets continued to rise. In 1997, FENGXING became a pioneer in the helmet sector and embraced the”MHR” new seeking to operate globally. A brief time following this industry opening and exponential expansion sustained by new manufacturing technologies, Arthur hunted his brother’s aid for future growth. That’s if MHR became an actual family enterprise.


In 2000, obtaining ISO 9000 certificate, MHR possessed and commanded all-new designs and technologies for both helmet…

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