Cardo Packtalk Edge Review & Latest Helmet Bluetooth Intercom


For many riders, intercom systems are quickly becoming a must-have equipment. You may use one to communicate with other riders, add some music to your adventure, or just get some navigational help when you’re out of fuel and a little confused in the country. In this blog, we will tell you about Cardo Packtalk Edge Review.

Cardo Packtalk Edge ReviewCardo Packtalk Edge Review

The latest version of the Cardo Packtalk line, which has long been a foundation of the intercom market, introduces the Edge. The Edge is a high-end alternative that includes almost all of the features an intercom can provide.

The Edge offers Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication intercom technology, premium 40mm JBL speakers, USB-C quick charge, and a stylish design with a magnetic air mount to lock the device to the surface.

Cardo Packtalk Edge – Features

The Cardo Packtalk Edge comes with an extensive list of features.

A flagship…

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