Best Alpinestars Knee Guards for Riders


Knee guards are one of the most overlooked protective gear when participating off-road. We use all of our knee pads and knee guards but rarely invest in a brace. And I say invest here because a hanger is significantly more expensive than a pillow or a protector. here’s a list of the best Alpinestars knee guards.

And for good reason. While a knee pad or protector only protects the knee from impact, the brace also ensures that you don’t injure the joint by helping to lower blood pressure or unnecessarily twisting. Now, these often happen under extreme riding conditions, such as a bad landing after a big jump, or a foot getting stuck somewhere during a fall.

So while it’s reasonable to assume you don’t need a brace for regular off-road riding, think of it as insurance for that one unexpected moment. if riding jackets and riding pants important for us then knee guards also…

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