Alpinestars GP Tech v4 Race Suit For Tech Air Race


The most recent iteration of their GP Tech overalls is the Alpinestars GP Tech v4 Race Suit The GP Tech V4 is the top of the line regarding safety, comfort, and flexibility. It is designed for enthusiastic track riders and uses racing-related techniques.

High-quality cow leather is used in portions of the suit that require more excellent wear resistance, while kangaroo leather is used in areas of the suit that need movement. The suit also contains kevlar stretch zones for added comfort.

Alpinestars GP Tech v4 Race Suit Details

The Alpinestars GP Tech V4 1PC race suit uses feedback from Alpinestars’ rostrum of athletes to give race-grade technology in a suit designed for efficiency, protection, and convenience. It is a technical professional standard one-piece racing leather suit.

Through the development of new, innovative materials, such as MATRIX ultra abrasion resistant and highly…

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