Alpinestars GP Force Chaser Race Suit Review by Ryderplanet


The GP Force Chaser Leather Suit is bovine leather for outstanding abrasion and tears resistance. The Alpinestars GP Force Chaser Leather Suit features Alpinestars GP protectors for efficient impact protection and external sliders at the joints for incredible abrasion resistance. It is optimized for use with or without Tech-Air5®, Alpinestars’ industry-leading electronic airbag safety system. In this post, we talk about the Alpinestars GP Force Chaser Race Suit Review.

Alpinestars GP Force Chaser racing Suit Review 2022

Product Details and Qualities

Apart from a solid lid, of course, a top-notch racing suit is probably at the top of the list for any track day enthusiast. A racing suit not only serves the obvious purpose of keeping you safe in the case of an accident or slide, but it also provides you with a unique appearance, whether you’re at a race or just having a fun track day…

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